Covid19 and all other Pathogens

Measures to Protect You

Long before the COVID19 pandemic, I have been over the top germ conscious. All of my CE offerings are outdoors where the air is fresh and you may space as far as you'd like from other humans. The YTT is mostly outdoors and when we're indoors, the room has a high ceiling, with several windows and great ventilation system. 


Since vaccinated individuals can still transmit COVID19, getting vaccinated does not protect those around you or end the pandemic. If you have chosen to vaccinate, your choice will be honored and met with respect. If you have chosen not to vaccinate, your choice will be honored and met with respect. 

Please note: discrimination and belittling of any kind will not be permitted in my classes. Being unvaccinated doesn't make you an "anitvaxxer" and being vaccinated doesn't make you a "sheep". 

Conversations about Vaccines, Mandates, Politics, Abortion and Religion are not welcome in my classes. If you insist on bringing these subjects up, you will be asked to leave. Let's take a vacation from hate and keep the peace alive.


If wearing a mask is a practice you like to stick to, please wear your mask. If wearing a mask isn't part of your belief system, please don't wear one. Respect is a 2 way street. Let's trust that everyone has reasons they behave the way they do and accept each other for the vulnerable humans that we are.

"Thinking you know what someone is like because of the way they dress or the things they say is as arrogant and improbable as walking into the middle of a movie you've never seen and assuming you know the backstory of every character." -Sah D'Simone