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Shout out to this new probiotic I’m taking!

The ancient wisdom of Ayurveda tells us disease and healing begin in the gut.

Ive spent the last 16 years experimenting with probiotic consumption and I want to share with you what has been my experience.

The short of it is: Probiotics make my life better. I feel better, sleep better, poop better, think better and even look better when I include them on a daily basis in my diet.

This Jarrow formula pictured came from Whole Foods in the refrigerated section for $22. While sticker shock may prevent you from purchasing a quality probiotic supplement, the proof is in the pudding, so to speak. If you’ve tried taking a probiotic and it’s not seeming to do much for you, Try a higher quality (which means higher $$) of these “beneficial gut bugs” and I’m confident you’ll notice the difference! Specifically, try the Jarro-dopholis pictured here! When you break it down, it costs 73 cents per day, and for me, that’s worth it. Real talk: 4 days after I started taking this probiotic, my bowel movements went from sluggish to something to write home about 😉 What’s more, my mood and energy levels improved!

Need a reminder about what probiotics do for you? These are just a few highly researched consistent findings on the multitudinous ways good bacteria helps the human body:

✨improves digestive health**

✨reduces depression**

✨improves mood**

✨increases absorption of nutrients from food**

✨reduces inflammation**

✨helps repair leaky gut**

✨promotes heart health**

✨counteracts side effects of antibiotics**

If you don’t want to spend $22 on your gut flora each month, you can get the probiotics you need by eating the following 4-5 times per week (Listed from highest to lowest probiotic content):

•Kefir (comes from the word for “feeling good after eating” in Turkish)

•Yogurt (plain is best, add honey instead of buying the artificially sweetened yogurt which creates more inflammation)



•Kombucha (varies by brand, look for the Scoby particles at the bottom of the bottle)

•Sourdough bread (homemade is best)

Regardless of how you get your beneficial bacteria, focusing on improving your gut microbiome works to get to the root of what ales you. Inflammation, constipation, brain fog, low energy, bloating, weight gain- if any of these symptoms ring true for you, a probiotic intervention will improve your health! By adhering to a daily dose of probiotics in any form, you’ve got nothing to lose but a myriad of unwanted symptoms.

**Evidence based research By Mary Jane Brown, PhD, RD (UK) on August 23, 2016; referenced directly from

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